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Course Description

This introductory one-semester course is the study of the mind and human behavior.  This course examines such areas of interest as personality, perception, and motivation.  The study of psychology helps us to understand others and ourselves by understanding why individuals behave as they do. 


Course Topics

The following are topics that will be covered and/or discussed in class:


  • Introduction to Psychology
    • What is Psychology?
    • How does Psychology play into our everyday lives?
  • Positive and Negative Reinforcements
    • Pavlov and the idea of learned behavior
    • How do reinforcements and consequences differ?
  • History of Psychology
    • The formation of psychology theory by analyzing the history behind how the subject was established
    • Research the various famous psychologists in history.
  • The Human Brain
    • The parts of the human brain and what is affected in each area
  • Cultural Psychology
    • Psychology in different areas of the world.
    • How human react to one another in other areas of the globe.
  • Abnormal Psychology 
    • What is Psychology?
    • How does psychology play into our everyday lives?

Required Materials

Three-Ring Binder (1 inch), also known as your Psychology Binder

College Ruled Notebook Paper, also known as your Psychology Notebook

Pen or Pencil

Textbook, Psychology: Principles in Practice by Holt, Rinehart, & Wilson

Supplemental Readings


Course Calendars 

Period 1


Period 5