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Military History

Military History



Course Description

This introductory one-semester course is the study of military history from the ancient world to the modern day.  This course examines how war, military strategy, and resulting policies have evolved through time.  The study of military history helps us to understand the development of technology and how humans value has changed over time.


The following are topics that will be covered and/or discussed in class:

  • Ancient History
    • Ancient Greece
    • Ancient Rome
  • The Crusades
    • Socioeconomical and religious reasons
    • Turmoil in the Middle East
  • The Renaissance
    • Dueling/ and gentleman's fight 
    • Creation of gunpowder
  • The First Industrial Revolution
    • The Great Land Grab
    • Exploration
  • The American Civil War
  • Modern Warfare 
    • WWI
    • WWII
    • Korea
    • Vietnam 
  • History of Terrorism/ Warcrimes

Required Materials

Three-Ring Binder (1 inch), also known as your Military History Binder

College Ruled Notebook Paper, also known as your Military History Notebook

Pen or Pencil

Supplemental Readings


Course Calendar