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World History

World History


Course Descriptions

World History deals with the events, which have most significantly affected the individual’s life on Earth.  Emphasis is given to the scientific, cultural, and artistic contributions of civilizations.  Special emphasis will be given to the various forms of religion followed throughout time, the causes and effects of war, and political issues that affect the quality of life.  This course will cover history from the origins of man to where we get to.


Course Topics

The following are topics that will be covered and/or discussed in class:

  • Origins of Man
    • Origin of Man
    • Creation of Cities
  • First Cultures
    • Mesopotamia to the Persian Empire
    • Origin of Religion
  • Ancient Egypt
    • Dynasties
    • Expansion
  • Ancient Greece
    • Greek Culture
    • Origin of Government
  • Ancient Rome 
  • Renaissance
    • Kings and Religion
    • Crusades.  

Required Materials

Three-Ring Binder (1 inch), also known as your World History Binder

College Ruled Notebook Paper, also known as your World History Notebook

Textbook, World History: The Human Journey by Holt, Rinehart, & Winston

Pen or Pencil                                                        

Supplemental Reading


Class Calendar