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Glamour Art

Course Syllabus

Art is interconnected through the inclusion of history, criticism, aesthetics and performance/ production.” In this class we will be mainly focusing on the production of Art; however we will touch upon art history, criticism and aesthetics as they relate to the subject matter.

In this class we will explore the “Glamorous” side of art. We will focus on appearance, textiles, appropriate outfit planning, fashion, and the evolution of fashion just to name a few.


Class requirements



Students will be prepared to participate in class each day.


Class participation includes, but is not limited to, engaging in class discussions, responding to writing prompts, and completing projects. You are expected to make use of the entire class period. Failure to participate in class daily will not only negatively affect your grade, but cause you to fall behind in class. If you are finding yourself “doing nothing” or “doing other classes’ work” during this period, your project is too easy.



 Students will be expected to know the whereabouts of their projects and to clean up after themselves.


You will each be given time to create a portfolio in which all drawings and sketches should be stored. I am not responsible for any lost or misplaced projects. If you lose your project, you are responsible for recreating or replacing it. Portfolios and folders will be stored in the room. 

Clean up your messes and put your materials back to where they belong at the end of each class. Failure to do so will be reflected in your grade.



Students will be required to supply some of their own materials.


I will provide for you any materials I can, however; some projects you may choose to create may require materials I do not keep on hand. Not having materials is no excuse for not working on your project.  You will be responsible for finding and supplying most of your own materials in a timely fashion.



Students will be required to complete all projects and assignments ON TIME.


In this class there will be a variety of assignments, writing, projects, class discussions, etc. You are required to complete and submit all assignments and projects by the due date given at the beginning of each project. Failure to complete or turn in the project/assignment by the due date will result in either a zero or 50% credit. No exceptions.








Be Respectful of the teacher and of other students.


  • In the Art room, you will find you have various opportunities to communicate with your peers during project working time. When a presenter, a student, or teacher is giving a demonstration, presentation, or critique, I expect you to be actively listening and focused.
  • Bullying and negative comments towards anyone (present or not) will not be tolerated. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. Be mindful of what you say.
  • If I am absent, the substitute is your teacher for the day. I expect you to treat him or her with respect.
  • Please do not ask for passes to come to or leave my classroom. You are to follow your schedule.
  • Be Patient. You are not the only student in the room. Be aware that you may have to wait if you need my help. It is your responsibility to use your time productively while waiting.


Be respectful of the classroom materials.


I will make sure you are well aware of which materials you need and where they can be located. You are not permitted to touch materials that do not pertain to the project on which you are working. This includes, but is not limited to, other students’ projects, materials for other classes, items in my office, and items in closed cabinets and drawers. If you intentionally cause damage to any items in this classroom, you will be held accountable.  (YOU don’t want anyone touching your stuff, SO DON’T TOUCH THEIRS!!)



 Be punctual and stay until the bell dismisses you.


If you are not physically present inside the classroom door when the bell rings, you will be considered tardy. If you leave the classroom before the bell rings to dismiss you, you will be considered cutting class.






Assessments and Grading:


 All work done in this class will be counted towards your final grade.



70% of Quartile Grade

Written Assignments

10% of Quartile Grade


20% of Quartile Grade

Final= 20% of OVER ALL grade.


Projects: will be graded through use of a rubric. Rubrics vary to project-specific criteria and assess how well you followed guidelines for each project.


Written assignments: will be graded for completion and content. These grades do not follow a rubric, but will be given as percentages.


Test and quizzes: grades will also be given as percentages. There will be no “pop” quizzes or tests. You will be given at least one week to prepare for an exam.


Participation: Participation includes coming to class on time, in the proper dress code with the materials you need for the class. It also means actively engaging in the class discussions. Participation also includes working on your project in this class, not doing homework for other classes. *Participation points will be deducted from your grade every time you work on “non-art” related assignments.


Final: You will have a final at the end of this class. It will cover material and skills learned throughout the semester.







Other Information



Working at/ from home


Students may work on certain projects at home if given permission. If a student works at home they    are responsible for bringing back the project and materials to school each day. If you do not have your project, you cannot be prepared for class.  Failure to bring back the project will result in a zero for participation.





Completing another students’ assignment or allowing them to complete your assignment will be considered cheating. Please do not ask me to complete any parts of your assignments. I will be more than happy to help you by giving suggestions, working out ideas, and demonstrating media processes. However, your final project should be solely your work, utilizing your own talents and abilities.





You are responsible for completing any and all missed work and for ensuring that your progress in the class does not lag behind the rest of the students.



Field Trips


We will possibly be taking field trips during the year as they relate to Art and Art club functions. You will be required to participate. We will fundraise to offset the cost of any field trip taken.



Throwing your project away


Throwing your project away, especially in my room, conveys that you did not take the project or the class seriously. Your grade will be adjusted accordingly.



Please refer to your student handbook for any specific questions regarding school/district policies