Richard C. Rogers

Technology Education

Jeannette Junior Senior High School

"What is Technology Education?  Is it the study of "how things work?"  Is it the study of "design?"  Is it "technical problem-solving?"  Is it the development of "technological literacy?"  Is it "pre-engineering education?"  More than likely one would note that technology education is a discipline that encompasses all these areas and more."

       Dr.George E. Rogers - Purdue University 


Walt Whitman High School - Long Island, New York - 1985

Landmark College - Putney, Vermont - 1986 to 1988

California University of Pennsylvania - Bachelor of Science in Education, Technology Education 1994    


 Teaching Experience

Beverly Hills Middle School - Upper Darby School District - 6th, 7th and 8th grade Technology Education - 1994 to 1998
Jeannette Mckee Middle School - 6th, 7th and 8th grade Technology Education - 1998 to 2017
Jeannette Junior Senior High School - Industrial Arts / Technology Education - 2017 to Present
Technology Education Program
Technology is present in every aspect of our daily lives.  As the world moves to a global society, the technology around us takes on more of an important role in our everyday routine.  The Technology Education program in the Jeannette City School District responds to the need for students to understand the technological nature of society.  Technologies develop from the human abilities to reason, solve problems, create, construct and use materials imaginatively.  Since these abilities form an integral part of our technological society, they should be developed in all students as part of their basic education.
In the Technology Education program the students will learn through experimental activities that are related to communications, construction, manufacturing, simple machines, and transportation.  Students will use problem-solving process to apply the available technology in a variety of situations.  A variety of instructional strategies are used to support instruction, this will link the study of technology to other disciplines and reinforce basic skills through practical application.
The goal of the Technology Education program is to provide instruction that enables students to make informed and meaningful educational and career choices by developing in each the ability to:

1)  Define Technology

2)  Explore technology Systems

3)  Utilize a problem-solving stategy to solve technology-related problems.

4)  Develop a positive self image by meeting success in hands-on activities.

5)  Develop skills in the safe use and operation of basic tools, machines, materials, and processes of technology.

6)  Identify talents, abilities, and interests in technological fields.

7)  Develop cognitive, phsysical, and affective problem-solving skills by researching and developing, designing, producing, operating, and analyzing technology systems.

8)  Appreciate the nature of technology and its impact on the individual, society,and the environment.


"By looking into our technological future through Technology Education, students will be more adequately attuned to the life experiences of the world in which they are about to live."

Dr Kendall Starkweather; Executive Director, International Technology Education Association