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9th grade Study Skills

Study Skills Freshmen Cycle class

Madame McKinney – mmckinney@jeannette.k12.pa.us

                                (724) 523-5591, ext. 2211


Course Description

This course is designed to help students improve their learning effectiveness, attitudes, and motivation.  This class is designed to suit the educational needs of students in the classes they’re currently taking.

Grading Policy

Your grade will be based on the following percentages:

                                                                            93% - 100%           A

Participation:                  50%                                84% - 92%            B

Projects:                         50%                                73% - 83%            C

                                                                            65% - 72%            D

Total                               100%                              64% and below       F

                                                                             (Grading scale for class)


Participation means working daily on completing class logs, participating in discussions, and answering questions.  Participation will include 5 points per day.  Loss of all 5 points will occur if you aren’t working, or are goofing off in class.  What constitutes goofing off is determined by Mrs. McKinney.  There is no need to talk during class, because you’re supposed to be working.  If you are absent, you are exempt from those points for the day.  If you have no work, you will be required to copy material from either a French or English dictionary for that period BY HAND. 

Project grades are weekly and include completed work logs, test prep sheets, quiz prep sheets and CSIU grade tracker.  These assignments are 10 points per week   At the end of the quartile, you will also be required to complete a reflection.  Info about that will be given at a later date.


Technology will include graphing calculators (if needed) and Chromebooks that are being used to complete assignments.  YouTube and gaming are not assignments and grades will suffer if students are using Chromebooks for something besides classwork.  This will be monitored.


Should you need to see a teacher for extra assistance, you must come to class with the pass from that teacher.  No passes will be written by Mrs. McKinney so that you can go get a pass from another teacher. 


When you come to class, you are required to bring homework, study materials, Chromebook AND charger, and something to write with.


Classroom expectations and rules are simple:

  1. Be where you’re supposed to be (IN CLASS), when you’re supposed to be there (EARLY OR ON TIME), doing what you’re supposed to do (BRING YOUR WRITING UTENSIL, CHROMEBOOK AND COMPLETED MATERIALS, BE PREPARED AND READY TO WORK). Students coming in late are written tardy demerits which are turned in to the office at the end of the day and accumulate.
  2. Food and drink are not permitted in the classroom.  You just came from lunch.
  3. Class disruptions are not tolerated.  Seating will be changed and you will lose participation points for your behavior.  In the case of persistent problems, this will be considered insubordination and the office will be notified via discipline referral form of the problem. 
  4. Do your work.  .
  5. Excuses from the classroom should be minimal and at opportune times.  If leaving the room becomes a habit, you’ll be limited to once a week.  Fountain trips are at the teacher’s discretion. PASSES MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED OUT.
  6. Madame has a few pet peeves that should be avoided at all costs – lying, swearing, arguing with her, profanity, making fun of people, messing with other people and their stuff, and blatant dress code violations. 


Also, all rules and regulations from the Jeannette Student Handbook will be enforced.

One basic idea I like to convey at all times –

If you want respect, first you must give respect.

Let’s have a wonderful year!!!

JMme McKinneyJ