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French 3/Francais 3

French 3 - Prerequisite A or B in French 2 or Teacher Recommendation

Course Description

This class will cover various topics including but not limited to: Review of present tense verb forms of regular and irregular verbs, adding new verbs to our repertoire of verb conjugation and vocabulary. Negative expressions. Review of adjective forms, positions, comparative and superlative constructions. Review of basics of past tense of regular verbs. Review of how to make sentences negative and expanding vocabulary using different negative expressions. Differentiate between the 2 types of passé composé and how to determine which verbs use avoir and which ones use être. Object pronouns, their forms and uses. Reflexive verbs and pronouns, vocabulary related to reflexive verbs. Future, conditional, imparfait tenses. Holidays and how they are celebrated in France. 2 feature length films in French with English subtitles.

Grading Policy

Your grade will be based on the following percentages:

Assessments:                  30%                                93% - 100%          A

Participation:                  25%                                84% - 92%            B

Projects:                         30%                                73% - 83%            C

Written assignments       15%                                65% - 72%            D

Total                               100%                              64% and below       F

                                                                            (Grading scale for class)


You will earn points each nine week period by completing:

  1. Assessments – tests usually given at the end of a unit, or quizzes given during the course of a unit.
  2. Projects - posters, storybooks, online projects, individual or group presentations to demonstrate what you’re learning in class.

3.Written assignments – written homework or writing assignments given during a unit

  1. Participation – asking and answering questions during the period,

participation in all activities, behavior in class, and bringing materials to class.





Late Work Policy





on time


late 1 day



late  >1 day





full credit


no credit


no credit


Tests, quizzes, writing assignments



full credit


½ credit


no credit




full credit


1 day late     -10% off earned grade

2 days late   -20% off earned grade

3 days late   -30% off earned grade

  >3 days late    NO credit (“I” grade at

                  teacher discretion)


Attendance and Missed Assignments/Assessments

  • It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work missed during an absence from school. I will not seek you out to make up work.  The student MUST initiate the make-up work process.
  • Students receive the number of days they were absent to make up their work not to exceed five (5) days.
  • Work missed during an unexcused absence/tardy is not a zero, it’s still due by the next day or then it becomes a zero.
  • If you miss the day of a test, you will take the test the day you return to school. Students may make arrangements to make up tests during Enrichment Period.
  • If missing class for a school related event:
    • Work must be turned in on that day if due
    • Test must be taken before early dismissal
    • YOU must see ME for your assignment, it will not be given to another student for delivery

Athletic Eligibility

Athletic eligibility is pulled from CSIU by Mrs. Gogolsky every Thursday after school.  There will be no changing of grades after this time period.  There will be no changing of eligibility once the grades are pulled.


Academic Integrity

  • All students are expected to conduct themselves with integrity and in a way that shows respect to the teacher and fellow classmates. Students may also be required to sign an academic integrity statement for certain assignments.

“I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment/examination.”   (Student Signature)

Classroom expectations and rules are simple:

  1. Be where you’re supposed to be (IN CLASS), when you’re supposed to be there (EARLY OR ON TIME), doing what you’re supposed to do (BRING YOUR WRITING UTENSIL, BOOK, NOTEBOOK AND COMPLETED MATERIALS, BE PREPARED AND READY TO WORK AND SPEAK FRENCH). Students coming in late are written tardy demerits which are turned in to the office at the end of the day and accumulate.
  2. Food and drink are not permitted in the classroom, except first period breakfast.
  3. Class disruptions are not tolerated. Seating will be changed and in the case of persistent problems, this will be considered insubordination and the office will be notified via discipline referral form of the problem. 
  4. Do your work. If there are a few minutes at the end of a class, finish your French work first and then work on something else.
  5. Excuses from the classroom should be minimal and at opportune times. If leaving the room becomes a habit, you’ll be limited to once a week.  Fountain trips are at the teacher’s discretion.
  6. Madame has a few pet peeves that should be avoided at all costs – lying, swearing, arguing with her, profanity, making fun of people, messing with other people and their stuff, and blatant dress code violations.
  7. Students are required to ask to do things in class in French. Please look at it as an opportunity to practice what you’re learning. 


Also, all rules and regulations from the Jeannette Student Handbook will be enforced.

One basic idea I like to convey at all times –

If you want respect, first you must give respect.

Let’s have a wonderful year!!!


JMrs. McKinneyJ

Thank you for taking the time to read this syllabus.

(The above procedures are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.)

Homework/Course Calendar