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Honors English IV




This course will prepare graduating seniors for the type of reading and writing that will be expected at the college level and within the professional work force.  This course is designed for those students who have mastered English grammar and vocabulary skills and who display superior reading ability.  Students will read, discuss, and analyze a broad range of literature with a focus on self-reflection. The composition segment features analytical and creative essays about the literature and relating it to students' personal lives.  In addition, an in-depth career-focused research paper will be constructed and presented electronically.  Students are expected to possess effective time-management and organizational skills, an ambitious work ethic, and quality communication skills due to the project-oriented assignments required in the course.


Image result for the glass castle   The Noticer: Sometimes, All a Person Needs Is a Little Perspective  -     By: Andy Andrews
   Image result for macbeth   Image result for Tuesdays with morrie


*See Google Classroom for all assignments links and handouts.